Thought for the Day – November 10, 2014

“Don’t let your heart become hard. Tough times can test us and sometimes make us question God and His ways. Always reach out and strive to become closer to Him. He does hear you, He does care, and He does answer your prayers. Be open to receiving His answer as it may come in a form you least expect.”

I hope you have a great day today! – Elmer Laydon

“May the LORD grant all your requests.” (Psalm 20:5 NIV)

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Jesus Christ

Tears of Jesus

20 mothers and 20 fathers wept. And, with them did the world. In a story that has become all too familiar in our crazy world, a man who chose evil over God a week ago Friday brought Jesus, too, to tears. There would be no judgment this day for the 20. None was needed. These […]

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flying away

Fear of Flying

As I write this I am on a plane flying home from being out of town. While sitting here looking out the window, I started to remember how I used to be such a white-knuckled flier. Any change in a noise, little bump, turn, or anything else unexpected used to make my heart … [Read More...]

clocks at musee d'orsay

Messengers of God’s Word

It’s funny how God works.  It’s even funnier that most of the time He seems to like to work on me at about three in the morning. Maybe that’s the time that God knows that I don’t have much else on my mind so it’s easier for Him to get through to me.  At about … [Read More...]


Building a Relationship With God – Part I

One of the wonderful things about The Whisper of God community is the fact that we can share with each other our relationship with God.  The Whisper of God FaceBook community is a very active community (the FaceBook page can be found here). It is heartwarming to see … [Read More...]

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