God wants us to be successful

I have come to a profound conclusion regarding my life: God wants me to be successful.

In fact, I believe that it is not just me that God wants to be successful; God wants us all to be successful.

How have I come to the conclusion that God wants us to be successful? Very simply: I cannot imagine God wants any one of us to fail.

Unfortunately, there are people who equate success with financial wealth. Some of these people feel that they will never be successful because the chances of their attaining financial wealth are very slim. However, being successful does not mean having great wealth. This type of thinking is very self-repressive.

Success is not only measured from a financial standpoint.

To determine what it means to be successful, we must first determine what success is.

Success is, in basic terms, the attainment of a goal or something that you attempt to do. Notice that the goal is not necessarily a financial result. You can be successful as a good parent. You can be successful as a good teacher. You can be successful as an athlete winning a game. Success comes in many forms that we can each achieve everyday of our lives. What we want to achieve is solely up to us to determine.

In some cases it may be necessary to measure our successes in very small steps. For instance, an alcoholic making through the day without a drink would be a great success for that person. The recognition of the small successes and feeling good about them is necessary so we can maintain a positive attitude about ourselves and have the motivation to continue to progress to a greater goal that we might want to reach.

How do we know God wants us to be successful? Because He has told us so. There are numerous stories in the Bible that tell us about God’s desire for us to be successful.

A few of the examples we could cite include the following:

1 Samuel 18 states “In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him.”

2 Chronicles 26:5 states “As long as he sought the LORD, God gave him success.”

But I don’t think we need only the bible to tell us that God wants us to be successful. We can also use some daily common sense and logic to make the same determination.

I would think that most fathers would want their children to be successful, or in other words, to not fail. If this is the case and God is our father, why would we expect anything different from God? It would seem to be logical that God, as our Father, would want us to be successful.

It is up to us to set goals for ourselves, work hard towards the attainment of those goals, and keep believing in the fact that God is with us and wants us to be successful at whatever it is that we undertake in our lives.


  1. says

    I always feel God really conspires to make us successfull. It’s almost like I say “god, I am not ready yet” and god says “Go for it, I am with you”. Infact, I got a similar feeling now and hence I searched the title on google and found the article.
    Good post.

  2. Jeanie says

    God’s son, Jesus, was sucessful but the world does not measure sucess in the same way God does. God said of Jesus during His ordeal on the cross that He was very proud of Him, and yet, He died a hideous death on the cross. But God was pleased…. Sometimes, because we are human, we cannot forsee the sucessful conclusion because we live in a small space and time – Not like God – and it is hard for us to believe that God would put His Son through such and ordeal. But, His love for US was as great as it was for Jeses and it was His way of bringing all of us to Him. That concept is beyond human understanding fully. It is very powerful nonetheless. WOW!

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